Posted in April 2012

feeling off centered & misaligned

Making a major move like relocation tends to make one unsettled and misaligned for a bit of time. I am hoping with all the energies that are bombarding us that this will be very minor and/or minimized for what it is. How do I feel? A bit fuzzy and not sure of things. I do … Continue reading

soul recognition

What can we say, we either find each other or not. If the purpose we have is something we have to do together or complete unfinished businesses, the destiny is already set. We have this veil that is so thick which would make us forget and yet there are those that seem to glow when … Continue reading

perception or prejudice

I recently got an insight that may have me understand why some people behave in such an odd manner from what they actually say, specifically family. My family has been insisting that we are a family since our parents have passed on to the next world. Yet what they say belies what and how they … Continue reading

the 24 hour notice…

Since interviews and articles on his site,¬†Benjamin¬†Fulford, it would seem what he has been speaking of about in regards to financial tyranny might be coming to a head. I am inclined to most of what is being said from the sources mentioned here as well as others that have touched on this subject in some … Continue reading