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You know when you start something you think is interesting but since you have been trying so hard at the ‘new age’ of trying to manifest, meditations, and clearing ones auras and all of it, you may find you did not get any actual results. You are left sitting there wondering what am I doing wrong? What am I not doing enough of. So you come away without much knowledge gained.

I have decided to embark on a journey about energy mastery. Where you open yourself up to taking some control of what you do. I have watched the intro videos and seen the demonstrations and am willing to open up to these possibilities.

One of the options is Dream Teaching, which basically involves your openness and wishing for this to happen. Sounds way to simple. So I sent the contact email requesting this service and soon after went to sleep. To practice I did the suggestions of what to do for this before falling asleep. I was able to visualize Michael and do the suggestions and I started to feel some familiarity, his face was glowing in my mind’s eye….when he emailed the confirmation I wrote back letting him know this. He was not surprised since he teaches many every night when the physical body sleeps.

Then the next night I did the practice again got the feeling, and I saw other things. I ‘saw’ many light beings all following Michael like Peter Pan to Neverland was the thought that popped in my mind. Caught myself somewhere like a lab setting having a discussion on why something did not work according to what we were set out for. The thought was, what is this and I don’t know why I am here, took me out of there and got me thinking, Is this weird and is this what it is supposed to be??

I was seeing through some prism lens or window which made what I was looking at kinda odd, since it was like colored spots everywhere. Because I was rather fixed on the colored spot I do recall I vaguely thought it was a landscape rather beautiful really. After all of that I think I fell into to deeper sleep so that is all that can be retold.

Been trying this process for most nights and I am finding that I usually seem to gather with others at some place in space where you can see stars around at a distance. It seems to be the normal meeting place. What I have gathered so far is that there is a group learning to fly or doing a lot of flying around to get more adjusted or familiar might be the thought there. I still can’t ‘see’ much yet or remember. I am getting awareness more and more that I, myself am going into certain groups for differing reasons, I don’t know the categories of what it is I am off doing at this point.

I am sleeping longer segments of sleep since I have started this process. My sleeping was going every two hours or every hour I was up, I felt like I was a new mom who had to get up for the baby. There might be something to that since we are supposed to be in the process of getting DNA upgrades or changes/adjustments with the solar flares that are going on.

I would also like to say that I am having more understandings or realizations of what is happening with many of my relationships. My emotions are still deep but I feel lessening of the intensity with this understanding as it is happening or I get more a few days after the fact. This is currently with my family. Having explained how painful asking for help is this was the result of what happened.

It has only been a few days since requesting this dream teaching from Michael Monk, what I see is the difference of the before and now the after with the dream teaching affects, if you will. What I am surmising is with some understanding of why we might be acting the victim or why some people don’t wind up helping you as they initially stated makes for a lot of feelings when you feel the given situation is so dire because of the drastic change it makes to your life.

I realized that even with some inner knowing that it was not to be and then another family member tells you but you still wait until the person who offered says otherwise, you keep that hope like its your last breath. It just went so wrong, the truth was never given and I had a very difficult time understanding why someone couldn’t tell me the truth instead of making me feel worse about the situation. I think perhaps this was his vs mine but I was waiting for the words of truth and it has yet to come.

I want to say I did mentally allow the contract to dissolve, there didn’t seem the point of drawing it out much more.

Now, in trying to or wanting my family to understand, I wind up airing this out. I tried to see if they had my understanding or not. I guess I was looking for outside validation to this thing. Since I am on a 3 life-path per numerology, this is one of the emotional set, I cried through much of this since what I got was they had already gone in his corner. I wanted so much for this understanding, so looking back on this (yeah it happened last night) I can see I was less taken up by the emotions than usual, I was able to see why they were being such and why they seem to get along better instead of me (yes, this one of those things when you are the one left out of the group which makes one feel alone in a crowd). It was kinda weird, I could see all of this while having the conversation and I was more accepting of it all and in an odd way I was also able to let go of the need for validation shortly after. This was one long conversation but I didn’t ‘need’ anymore from it. Please know this has been on-going since childhood but I was able to put this altogether now and not have the ‘need’ feeling anymore.

We or I have a tendency of mulling things over and it was a good feeling that the release of this ‘need’ is all but gone. I would say I am getting more things about what possible role(s) I have been playing in most of what I thought was those moments in life that have happened to me.

Whao….this is quite a revelation coming in and I am feeling the weight of them going either away or being so minor that I do feel lighter. This is great and I wish if anyone is feeling the weight of life that this will happen to lessen your pain and allow you to feel the lighter side of things. Stay Beautiful!!



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