Visions or Day Dreams

Imagination is a wonderful thing. When we are kids we are told to stop day dreaming, but that may be the wrong thing to do. In order to create our world, we have to first think the thought to allow it to then become.

I remember being a rather quiet child where I was more like an observer of the world. I wondered about a great many things and how we treated each other was an interesting occupation. I realized when an adult was angry at a child, for instance, usually there was some misconception of why there was anger directed at the child. It wasn’t necessarily a fault of the child but more like something from the adult but due to the ‘smallness’ of the child, this anger would be taken out on the child. Then by making the adult ‘feel’ better and the child less so there was some balance obtained for the adult.

The challenge perhaps is obtaining the balance within vs going outside of oneself to get this balance.

Meditation is having a long moment to reach within ourselves to reconnect and in a sense talk to ourself. This would be a time for oneself in the true sense of the word.

When this is done and I seem to be affected by some cosmic alignments whether it is the new moon, an equinox, or other star alignments happening. I will ‘get’ visions to help me understand where or what I am to know. It is like deciphering the message since it is not given in words. This may be the start of ‘getting’ more understanding of what is to come, especially this year, and/or how it is to help you along the path you have chosen.

for example I got this around the march equinox, this is my recent vision.

I was atop a building which were ruins in India (I just knew where i saw myself). I had my animal spirit with me (mine is a black panther). I am looking off into the distance. My friend floats in wearing armor and a white cape, he is very happy and at peace. We are communicating by telepathy and we greet each other with familiarity and happiness. He also has his spirit animal accompanying him. They also greet and decide to play.

I am a little sad, he is very supportive. During our time we are facing east and I am also given my own armor and cape. We seem to be ready and prepared for something for the coming times. That is my interpretation.

So for myself I am going through a bit of chaos right now and this is telling me that i have what it takes and for whatever comes I am and will be fortified to get through to begin again. This was very interesting as well as allowing me the knowing that I will be fine.

Not all the visions are understandable at the time it is given, sometimes it will take me awhile to actually ‘get’ the full meaning of what it is I am to know. It is like dreams, the interpretation can be muddled but the basics usually can get you the initial meaning to help some.

The world of dreams can be fun to figure out. Just like reading a suspenseful thriller, you might have figured out who did it way before it is given in the book. I found I kinda got good at doing that. My block there was I didn’t want to believe so and so was able to commit such an act due to whatever circumstances. Once I got past that with the understanding we are rather intriguing creatures and depending on how far we are pushed, yes we could do those acts. Even if there is the moment they could have gone either way, you realized how and why with reasoning they will do so.

We do want to believe the good in all but if we are working out the dark and the light then we might have to ‘do’ to ultimately understand. No excuses you still have to take the consequences of your actions but we are learning by then choosing the dark or the light.

I think the visions we get will be significant depending on where you are. I, myself, feel that I have been here awhile. I feel the Atlantis thing as real so for me it is time to go to the next experience. I have accepted there is more and the dark and the light balancing that we have been doing resonates with me.

I have been told that I have the potential and the purpose of this life is not to make a big splash. That was given to me a couple of years ago and that is how I took it. I am finally taking that to mean I should work with the potentials and see where it will take me. I guess until this point I had not understood what to do with the information given. It did not ‘do’ much for me, since i had been looking for direction and with that I felt I did not get what the purpose was to be.

Maybe all this time it was about making a decision on what i wanted and wished to go. I have been floating through much of my life, making minor decisions but for the most part I did not seem to have a goal. I did what was required and did what others needed me for. So now I am ‘seeing’ I have to chart somethings now and move along for me. That also might be why things feel stagnate for me. Okay I feel I got the message just in writing this.

May you ‘get’ your message of what is needed for you.


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