Fourth Density or Dimension????

Okay, there seems to be a lot of confusion on word play here. I am thrown a bit how to look at all of this ‘shifting’ and ascension or those ready to advance will go here or there and the question I have is how is the earth splitting and/or changing physically or is that another metaphor.

I mean, it would seem that for the next experience or continued existence we might use the word density and the astral stuff is the dimensions where we go when we dream and stuff. Either way I can get the gist of either word in the context the speaker or channel is talking from. But it is confusing none the less which makes for discernment that much more difficult at times.

So besides the words and all these metaphors, I get very tired in trying to understand what is going to happen. We or I should say me, that I get the story about what is to happen but now the truth is, all I would like to know is what am I suppose to do to get to this bridge and either get myself over or be helpful to myself then to help the others get there too. And there seems to be a time-frame of sorts of when we are to start going and how long this window will be open. After that it might be more difficult to pass and then those that have stayed will wait another cycle to go. It sounds brilliant like extra-ordinary so why wouldn’t anyone not want to go! We make wiser choices when we come from our higher self and for the highest good of all.

Of course there are those that are just not done with the third density and all the experiences they can get from it. I am seeing that is the goal maybe not as much about learning lessons even though that seems to be what is said from new age to the church or was that just to keep us in line. Hmmmmm.

Anywho so what about this splitting into the two earths, can we take that as a metaphor or is this going to be literal. Since there are others that state that for those that wish to stay in the third density, they will have that option, they will be leaving on light ships to go to another planet which will be very similar to this earth to continue this experience or will those that choose this route stay here and we go. The only thing different is they will have a less of a veil. Then where do we go becomes the question.

Now the other thought is we are bringing down (towards this earth) the fourth density and we will vibrate at a higher level so we will live slightly above where third density sets. They, in the third, will not see us but we could lessen our vibration to be seen in the third. Now if we are worried about friends and family that might be a very big relief for many. Or we are creating this other earth (fourth density) so we may then form the bridge to cross over when it is completed which is something Aluna Joy says is what is given to her by the Star Elders.

Something that coincides with this is something from an interview from Lisa M Harrison with Michael Monk and Peter Shelton. They have a website which talks about working on your energy, to work on ourselves and to prepare for what is to come if we wish, of course.

I should mention Dolores Cannon, who has been told of the two earths which split, one staying as third density and the other fourth density. This is her interview with Lilou Mace, who has many interviews that are worth a visit, especially if on the road to discovery of self and what is to come.

Some of the things I have read seem to say that those that have been here for some time are more than likely ready to go to fourth density. George Kavassilas talks about having been the worst of the worst and the best of the best as in being bad or very good which then could coincide with evil and light. I wonder if we are able to recognize this trait in others without judgement or even with judgement if this would indicate what we have done at some point of our journeys. So if we have done it all then we should be ready to be creators.

When becomes a standard question of how soon will this take place. So of course when you start the search you are bombarded with 2012 and the doomsday scenarios usually is in the foreground. Once the dust settles from all of that kind of reading and you are able to read between the lines, you can filter much to fine tune some of the truths out there for you to find. Now the other thing is your own intuitive filter or your own inner truth you may not have realized. Take some time to check in with yourself since you might find you ‘know’ more than what you are finding out on the net.

It is being said from more sources that more and more people are coming to this conclusion of something big is this way cometh. You might want to think that the 100th monkey effect is taking place and so more and more are coming to the conclusion that how we live and go about business is just not making the grade. The systems seem very one-sided and the questions come as why we have so many on this planet that are either without food or clean water. We are starting to see how unbalanced it all seems, especially when after all this time we still have poverty in so many places.

We question why so many are poor and very small groups are so filthy rich. The numbers just do not balance. Some work hard all their lives and still live like paupers, it doesn’t seem right. There are too many without and now we are starting to find out that there are technologies being withheld that could free up so much but since it could destroy industries that are currently making lots of money, they are being suppressed. Here is one article to point this out.

The World of Free Energy

“So, the third force postponing the public availability of free energy technology is delusion and dishonesty within the movement itself. The motivations are self-aggrandizement, greed, want of power over others, and a false sense of self-importance. The weapons used are lying, cheating, the “bait and switch” con, self-delusion and arrogance combined with lousy science.”

Dr. Peter Lindemann makes a good point on why this free energy is having a hard time being brought out in the open. This is really a good one to read, in my opinion, so take a look.

Anyway we are in a time of big change(s) and whether we are ready or not it will be. There are too many indicators to say this but you have to be curious and wanting enough to ‘know’ or at least make the time to look for the truth.

Be yourself and shine brightly since you are the Star in your life.


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