the New Standard might be

Yes, many of us have gotten caught up in the many conspiracy theories especially when we start to discover much of the behind the scenes things that are taking place. Much discernment is needed here since once you are drawn in there are many people who profess “to know” this that or the other. No one person seems to know how much disinformation there is.

My own conclusions are everyone has some level of truth which they believe it is. Now there are also many that will agree on some things and not others and then varying groups that will also agree but not on other issues. So we are given a whole lot of information and we have to, that is if one wants to keep going down the rabbit hole, become one’s own investigator.

Even if you believe one, they still might have something that you strongly feel is somehow not quite right and of course all of that is quite the norm. Everyone has a journey to go on and depending on what you are searching for as your truth, it will take you in so many different places. Enjoy the ride!!

Okay about those new standards, I happened to listen to a linked radio show from Kerry’s Blog, who if you are not aware in co-founder of Project Camelot, the host Sean David Morton interviewing Benjamin Fulford.

click here to listen to Ben Fulford on Sean’s show re the above

here Ben is talking about the changes coming and gave the time frame being the end of this March (2012) and how with the banking will change how everyone will be living. There is a lot more said so I would suggest listening to this one and make up your own mind. As with all things, question it and mull it over.

Now along with what is being said here Ben Fulford had been on another interview previously with David Wilcock which also was indicating some massive changes coming down the pike about this time as well since the powers that were were being given some deadlines to get with the program or suffer the consequences. It would appear that time has run out for the powers that were. Again you be the judge.

Take a look at David Wilcock’s blog/article which gives more than one would be looking for. He expands on many levels so if interested read any one of his blog/articles and you will understand.  Here is David’s latest blog:


the Benjamin Fulford interview he did:

here is the blog for this interview.

to give a listen to:

So what is the new standard that seems to be coming perhaps shortly?? Well I get the feeling that having to scavenge will no longer be the game. All can have a job or do what is right for them. All will have some housing and the basics that is needed for the body to continue living. There will be no starvation, all will have access to food and clean water.

No one is to go without. How this will come about or how this will be implemented is not really said. With something like this to take place a major overhaul of what is will have to shift to make room for new way of doing most everything.

Disbelief will be something to hit in the beginning but soon all will be able to see how this is real and that we are not being mislead. Again we all have to feel this out. This sounds like the Golden Age starting to take place.

This will be the new third density which will have less duality  and more technology to free the people from the oppression they have been under. So don’t be confused by all the new stuff coming to us. We are to have this time on this timeline and yet this is different from the ascension talks. This is not the fourth density that some have talked about.

So for the bigger change for some of humanity, who are ready to proceed to the next step will do so. That time is growing short and most of us are feeling those energies and waiting to immerse in those new experiences. I hope to join them since never feeling that I fit here which i think could be a sign. so if you feel that way as well perhaps there is a bigger change for you too.

May we all get where we need to go.




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