In trying to understand…

In trying to understand why we are here and what our purpose is seems to be the questions that are in the air everywhere. If we are able to define or label our role we then have a purpose and what are we suppose to do. Having a job gives you that label and you are able ‘to do’ something on a regular basis that seems to say, hey you are doing what you are supposed to do and all seems to be well, at least according to those around you that are still very much about ‘this is how life should be and it does not need changing.’

It really hit me when my office closed it’s doors after the company had been bought out a couple of years before. You figure, I’ll be okay, got some severance and I should have enough time to look and see what I can do. Then for someone who does not have a specialty and in the older age range, i started seeing things different or how the world was viewing me as a viable employee. The interviews were not quite fitting, i noticed they (the companies) were still looking for cookie cutter employees.

It came to be that these interviews that I was good at were no longer like that. I could see and feel exactly where the interview veered and knew at closing that ‘please don’t call us, we will call you’ was something nice for them to say.

So now i was in the world where I no longer fit. I didn’t get the jobs and the days went into weeks and then months. Now this isn’t asking for your pity. These are the facts. Yes i watch the news and see the jobs report that comes out. It makes me feel very much not counted. I wonder how they get the numbers and it all doesn’t make any sense.

“The stock market has recovered its losses since hitting bottom three years ago today. But despite gains in employment during that same stretch, America is still down six million jobs, data shows.”

This article still depicts that we are down six million jobs even with new jobs being added. It makes one think that things are changing that much faster when in fact that is not so depending on the industry.

This goes back to perceptions and what we think we see. It does not  do well when we blanket this for all.

Now we enter the temp agencies. So you find a temp position with a well established client companies and they spun it in such a way that I would be sure to be hired, no problem. I found the company they were presenting very appealing and thought their history and current mission statements were great. Even from the get go the group that i was to work with had some  kind of live wire about it or more perhaps in it. Whenever you first enter a new group you know and get impressions of each and every person. I already knew it was going to be a bumpy ride and yet i thought there might have been a chance. but no, it was not meant to be and after a longer run than original time given I was told I had to go.

I learned a lot and also learned that I could handle those with strong personalities and endure and do what was necessary. What is more difficult is the second time you are let go. Funds really become an issue more so then the first time. The struggle is now over since i no longer can play like the rest of people. there is no credit in any form, no more house, no more figuring out how to make do…now you just know how much you can do without.

This can be debilitating or liberating depending on what you can see and then what you do with it.

There comes the time for the changes you might have anticipated with some dread and yet it does allow some fresh air to permeate your world to invigorate and allow one to move on and forward.

The question becomes, How well are you faring with multiple job loss and/or job loss in general? May there be support where you may need it. Take care.



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