the March Equinox

There is a feeling in the air, I know most of us can feel something brewing or coming. We can sense some change that is either about to hit us or will be coming very soon. This year of 2012 is to be special and now will begin those changes we have been hearing about for a very long time. I, myself do not know anything more than we have now come to the point of no return.

This seems to be that pivot point where the changes will start and keep on rolling. Now we will start seeing a lot more than has been going on since last year. Just to say there were lot of energy that came but for the average person we did not actually ‘see’ anything to make us really pause. I believe now there will be more to see than just behind the scenes.

I caught a phrase that we will have calm before the storm which was mostly January and February of this year, so we are about to get the storm. It is time to brace and embrace for what is to come. If you haven’t prepared I want to believe you have done so on your subconscious level because we do look out for ourselves.

For all of us trying to anchor the light and keep things in some balance, now will be a great test to see how well we can do that.

If one hasn’t done so we are to be thinking and knowing on some level that there is a new reality we are headed for. What we have thought is our life and how we are living is all there is, is about to go to extremes. Since we are the game-changers, we will be embracing so many new but old ideas which were not able to breathe yet and take them to new heights to build and have us be so much more.

this is from Dana Mrkich‘s monthly visions:

” Yes folks. The knot in your stomach, the fear gripping you and the panicked hyperventilating is a result of waking up every day to more and more energetic freedom, thus paving the way for more freedom in our physical, materialised lives.  We don’t have to play the same old roles anymore. We don’t have to repeat the same old stories anymore. Old beliefs?  In the trash. Jobs and relationships that aren’t working for you anymore? Tribal council has spoken – you can vote them off the island.  Surely this sounds like paradise? Isn’t that what our new reality is supposed to feel like? A blissful, wondrous, paradise? Somehow we forgot to read the fine print in our ‘Come to Earth in the midst of the greatest Shift ever!’ contracts: Freedom may feel slightly terrifying and completely disorientating after lifetimes of general repression and limitation.”

So it really is time for everything we thought of as what should be, to be something much different. Do not fear this dream as we are to Be and have whatever more there is since we are Wondrous!!

“We are facing a period of up and down energy as we undergo a major paradigm transition. The need to creatively and authentically express our true selves is fiercely burning through us. We know that there can be no more compromises. No more procrastination. No more broken promises to ourselves. Enough already with delaying being who we really are, delaying doing what we know we want or need to do. Yet while this feels exciting and exhilarating on one level, it is also triggering every last nook and cranny of self-sabotage patterns within us – and these patterns are being mirrored via situations or people outside us that seem to be blocking us as well as our own critical inner voices.  Seem being the operative word because there is only one self-sabotageour in the building. Guess who?”

This is all about how we are that one. So allow yourself to know we doing what we should and so onward to whatever that next phase is for you. It will be more than you can think at the moment since more times than none we can only see a short distance from where we stand.

Mind as well bring out the binoculars there is so much more and we have only just touched the outer edge of what one can Be and what one can have and what one is allowing one to have.

So laugh some, smile a lot, and just try to have fun in whatever place you find yourself.



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