The Pain in asking for help

There is much that can or will happen when asking for help or being asked for help.

You go through a lot of emotional ups and downs while needing to ask for help. You don’t really want to but when one is up against the wall, you may not see any other option. One is subjecting oneself to feeling like a failure when asking for help especially from family. It can be most difficult. I am still wondering why I might have done it to begin. Well the reason was due to some solution that I thought was a good idea. The universe said no on this one.

Of course due to current economy and being laid off (twice) the second was a temp position, I should not have any excuses for not having a job by now!! and so the story unfolds. No pity, it just is. Some have it worse.

Perspective can be rather one-sided. So be aware how things are for some, if prospects are many then you see everyone else as slackers but if there are very little prospects then you have more sympathy for all. I was told that I wasn’t doing enough and yet from where i sit, I am wondering what more should one do!

Yes, of course it is my fault how my life is. All I was asking was for help if they were willing to do so.

Now the trick is if they really want to do so and not so out of obligation. When it appears out of obligation then it can turn rather sour. This is when we may be able to see if it is from the heart or the head.

Realizing that I could no longer live in the house I bought with the current funds and no job prospects, the options became very limited.

For my given situation I am able to see that for my abilities for the work force, what I might be able to obtain as a job would not be enough to sustain the house I had bought on my old salary. The cost of living in my old reality is no longer viable. There is no other solution without the bank modifying my loan or having unlimited funds as if I was to win the lottery. Since I am still unemployed I was denied the Loan mod.

I thought I had some creative solutions to my problems but for reasons beyond my understanding they were not implemented. The signature for the lease did not happen, moving day came and went with my household goods having been shuffled out and then back in. If you could picture and old slapstick black and white then you could probably laugh. So the delay in me moving (which has to happen at some point) is coming and making me feel very chaotic. I guess the word is unsettling. I don’t know where I am headed nor where i will land, as I write this, I have very little idea.

Your circle of people no matter how small will become valuable resources for information and/or help to be given or not. Not everyone is able to give assistance.

We do have to choose how we feel and react to what is happening. Do allow what help to be given to be received with appreciation and gratitude. No one has to ‘do’ anything but most of us will.

Try to be a happy soul given whatever circumstances you are in. Put your foot forward and things will begin for the changes you seek. It may not be how you thought some things could be but those doors or windows will open. so Be open to the possibilities for we are the change-makers!!


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