the Exchange

This is quite coincidental or probably not. Here is an article about money and relationships and how we have made it (money) so much more than it really is.

this is from Rosemary Bredeson‘s newsletter:

“The heart of the matter is not money, but, for many, money becomes the essence ā€“ of relationships, of business, of families, of friendships. We would tell you that money does not have the right vibration to be held as the essence of anything.”

“Dear Ones, the energy of money has shifted over time to become something which many people see as more important than it is. Having money gives some people a sense that they are more important than those who do not have as much money. Feeling a sense of lack of money makes others feel that they are less worthy or important because they do not have the money they wish they had. Neither perspective is valid.”

Sometimes this exchange can bring people together and then it can divide them as well.

The current time has things of change brought up for us to face and see this for what it is. We are at a time for shake ups whether it is personally or globally. It has already begun but we have been in some kind of calm before a storm. When it starts it will panic a lot of people. Please keep yourself balanced!!

We have the powers that were that have been unfairly taking advantage of all of humanity for their personal agenda throughout a very long time. Their time is now coming up but as all bullies, they will play being the high and mighty until the very end or even their last breath they take. In some odd way they did play their part very well, so very well for us to feel the oppression and living under someone else’s game that we have seen how unfair this type of living is.

Perhaps that is the big lesson we are to see so than the balance to humanity can be reset. Time of the people to come together to treat each other fair and just. The change is to all have the basics of survival and not needing to work just to get to that point. There are more important things to do.

We are to create a new level of standards that all should have and not needing to scavenge for what should be given as the basics of life.

“For some of you, there are monetary exchanges in which you are engaged that allow you to share your Light with others and to have them give you money in exchange for the value they have received. For others, you share your Light and you exchange money for other services or products. But always your role as a human being on 21st Century Earth is to share your Light.”

That is an interesting take but then what we exchange for what we want should be more than what we call money. Each and every exchange we have with each other is more than we think. Our interaction has more value which we have not been able to really see.

Each and every individual has the spark of the divine, as they say, and as such we need to give and have respect for all in every regard. There is a balance to be had and we are still in the process to get to that point.

Please keep your balance as we proceed through the coming days…


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