It has been an interesting time when we start to remember. You think you are losing it and think who is going to believe me! so you generally keep things to one self.

I would like to let you know what happened to me. I had been laid off and my daughter had decided she wanted to live her life away from me. She has her own journey to do but it still was very difficult to handle on an emotional level, but we are as supportive as we can since the choices have to be respected. 

There was a new acquaintance of facebook. This allowed me to find those friends from the past, mostly from high school. Which in turn allowed me to review my past. One friend brought a lot of support at a time when i needed it. With the passing, toward the end of 2009 my mother decided to leave this planet. 

So perhaps with so much change it was time to see more..

Here in having long chats with a friend i started ‘getting’ thoughts which was more like daydreams or visions. I think each of us will have different way memories will present themselves. For me these daydreams/visions did not always make sense. I would get snippets of scenes which if i was able to edit together over time, I was able to get a general story of what it was I was seeing.

There was a scene from Atlantis and my friend here was a friend from there. We had different roles we played but we knew each other pretty well. Here is where other life times would start flooding in, a time from the wild west where i wind up dying and leaving him with our two children. Here i felt i had to reconcile since i apparently left earlier than it was planned. So there was peace made about that.

Since then we have had other incidents and i found where we were brother/sister respectfully as little children running along a seashore collecting shells. We were very happy little ones. Various times i will actually ‘get’ small bits to tell me the tie that we seem to have.

Now i can’t say he feels this or even ‘sees’ any of this but he says he could believe some bits i say since we seem to have some kind of connection which seems a given. Not trying to romanticize this, this is not what i am saying.

So if you are ‘getting’ some memories, really feel this out and see if you can link to how real this might be. 🙂


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