Time may be limited….

There is much to say but the time that we have now before big changes are limited:

We as humanity have come such a long way. We are told many things from all sort of experts and those that can receive channels/messages. Although i personally do not channel i do believe what is being received are real and good for them.

For the rest of us we are to use discernment to either ignore the info or we can use the discernment to gather and dissect it to what is right for the individual. Yes it gets fairly tricky and we do get mislead but not just due to the individuals that are gifted with this process but more often it is by the self that seem to distort much.

for example due to our own beliefs and what we deem as true, we will inevitably see through our own lens that we have created to ‘see’ the world. How else are we to be. This is in no way wrong, it just is.

There are many ‘changes’ coming to us as in earth/planet. so far from what i have read from various persons of interest (mine of course) I am getting (due to my own discernment as) that we are to receive energies that will be allowing us humans to upgrade and change and become who we once were. This is all about going back to who we once were!!

Now is our time to remember who we are. We are done with what we came to learn and now we can go beyond.

from one of my persons of interest is Aluna Joy. I have resonated with her work for some time now. here is her dream she had about the coming time:


“I awoke in the dream right in the middle of the grand shift of the ages. It was a bit chaotic, but also there was a weird and familiar order about it all. It felt a bit frantic, but also the air was permeated by a great excitement as well. The atmosphere had a purple tint to it that was breathtaking. There was a huge light beam coming out of the tip of Mt. Shasta.

I stopped and looked around to take it all in, and what I saw was amazing. Everyone was scrambling around in somewhat of an orderly way. I saw many of my friends going here and there. They knew exactly where to go and what to do even though we had never planned this, or had done this before.

I saw light ships . . . everywhere! I will not call them UFO’s, because they were identified. Everyone thought this was quite normal as well. I saw a few Sasquatch looking beings walking around, but they were not wild beasts; but intelligent beings. Even odder is that they did not seem out of place either. There were many other animals that had long been extinct as well as new ones that we know nothing about; like small dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, and odd birds in the sky.”

What I found fascinating is in all things they give us clues to what might be coming depending on what we are trying to know about. I have been a long time wondering about what/when/how all these things were to be. 2012 being such a theme of possible BIG change(s) from way back, i, like many, have wondered, searched, read, listened to and researched what could within our means or limitations of how much we could take in, to try and decipher and understand it all.

my summary thus far:

I have accepted the fact there is something big at the end of this year and along the way there will be great many hardships from physical deaths to our own personal things that we have to get through. for most of us we have and are done with and the rest of us are still creating things that we do not like in our lives.

times are a changing and all the shifting will take place whether we will them or not. the only difference from those that are ‘awake’ to those that are still a slumber will be what you perceive to ‘see’ as the reality that is.

Allow and Be the great one that you are and we will all get where we need to go when the time is right for the change!!

thanks from one light being who is trying to understand, taking one thing in at a time….


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