Posted in March 2012

action or meditation…

You know when you start something you think is interesting but since you have been trying so hard at the ‘new age’ of trying to manifest, meditations, and clearing ones auras and all of it, you may find you did not get any actual results. You are left sitting there wondering what am I doing … Continue reading

a rhetoric…

As the life you knew starts falling apart, more and more comes the deadline of having to leave. You wonder what was it all for and now where do you actually go. All the logical things do not happen for you, for whatever reason you have to take much more drastic steps to go and … Continue reading

Visions or Day Dreams

Imagination is a wonderful thing. When we are kids we are told to stop day dreaming, but that may be the wrong thing to do. In order to create our world, we have to first think the thought to allow it to then become. I remember being a rather quiet child where I was more … Continue reading

Fourth Density or Dimension????

Okay, there seems to be a lot of confusion on word play here. I am thrown a bit how to look at all of this ‘shifting’ and ascension or those ready to advance will go here or there and the question I have is how is the earth splitting and/or changing physically or is that … Continue reading

the New Standard might be

Yes, many of us have gotten caught up in the many conspiracy theories especially when we start to discover much of the behind the scenes things that are taking place. Much discernment is needed here since once you are drawn in there are many people who profess “to know” this that or the other. No … Continue reading

In trying to understand…

In trying to understand why we are here and what our purpose is seems to be the questions that are in the air everywhere. If we are able to define or label our role we then have a purpose and what are we suppose to do. Having a job gives you that label and you are … Continue reading

the March Equinox

There is a feeling in the air, I know most of us can feel something brewing or coming. We can sense some change that is either about to hit us or will be coming very soon. This year of 2012 is to be special and now will begin those changes we have been hearing about … Continue reading

the Exchange

This is quite coincidental or probably not. Here is an article about money and relationships and how we have made it (money) so much more than it really is. this is from Rosemary Bredeson‘s newsletter: “The heart of the matter is not money, but, for many, money becomes the essence – of relationships, of business, … Continue reading

The Pain in asking for help

There is much that can or will happen when asking for help or being asked for help. You go through a lot of emotional ups and downs while needing to ask for help. You don’t really want to but when one is up against the wall, you may not see any other option. One is … Continue reading